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  • The quest for love is almost like an impossible task. You walk around, sometimes without direction, just hoping that you find that treasure your heart seeks. Just like an adventure, you encounter so many obstacles and challenges which puts you in to test. Often some don't have a happy ending while others die trying. My case wasn't any different, for I searched far and wide, tried so many things, came across siege which got me discouraged asking myself “could there be anything like true love and happiness?" and when I almost gave up on the search, I came across a dating service which I felt would be like all other social networking sites and services. I decided to give it one more try, and believe me; it was worth the wait and try. Myzingles is easy and seamless! With a detailed introduction about myself accompanied with a photo, I could meet thousands of the treasure I was seeking. Yes, I said thousands of treasures and that's because a lot of real, talented and beautiful people with like minds where all in that network. We got talking and finally in the midst of all other treasures, I was able to spot and pick out a rare gem who is my pearl and someone I'm proud to say is my lover. We've been together ever since and we savor every moment spent together. Now don't be lost with my testimony, join now and feel the thrill and enjoy lifetime of finding true love and happiness! It's just a click away.... Join and share a testimony even much better than mine! Good luck! }
    - Etim Ita
  • My name is Onyinyechi, I stay in Port Harcourt Nigeria, I am an entrepreneur, a fashion designer. Earlier this year I broke up with my boyfriend because the relationship wasn't heading anywhere, I have been heartbroken so sober and bored then one of the days i was on Instagram MyZingles followed me, it caught my attention so i decided to visit the page to see what it was all about and I was interested so I followed back......some weeks later I joined MyZingles the chat room on WhatsApp i posted some pictures and got chatting with some interesting people in the group. One day Emmanuel posted his pictures in the group and I though he was cool surprisingly he sent me a message privately and we got talking, we connected as I noticed we had a lot in common we did not want to be in haste so we took it one step at a time.... so, now we have decided to give it a big shot. I feel so happy and better not that I have someone I know truly cares about me, i got in the group chat to make some friends but within a short while fate smiled at me by bringing Emmanuel my way. I want to say a big thank you to MyZingles for creating this platform for young singles to mingle. }
    - Onyinyechi
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