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July 19, 2018 | Dating Tips

Falling in love can be so breathtaking, it can change the world of a woman, turns a blue sky red and make you feel like you are walking on top of an ocean when he holds your hand. We all meet that special guy at one stage of our lives or the other. The special man that completes you, your perfect fit. The man that you never want to see slide through your hands into a sink. We all know that a good pasta is kind of hard to come by, so is a man. I’m sure you don't want to keep throwing a needle at the wall waiting to see it stick; there are two things that will likely happen if you continue the throwing exercise, it is either the needle gets broken or you lost it forever. A man is actually a needle, keep throwing him here and there, and he would leave.

Majority of ladies are very good when it comes to chasing a man but very bad when it comes to keeping him. The moment you impress the man and entice him,  and finally, you are back from the sensation heat of cloud nine that you both enjoyed, then what next? How do you keep such a man? Actually staying yourself is the best way to start, This all goes down to a ladies personal way of doing things.

The reason why you are still reading this article is to find a lasting solution on how to keep your man or how to build that strong bond that will last for a very long time. Don't worry I know that already, and I want to assure you, all you need will be given to you as you continue to read this article. But before we proceed, I want you to note this. When it comes to keeping a man, it's quite different from just reading few things online on things that you need to stay away from. It goes deeper than that, it is actually based on the nature of your relationship.

There is some simple truth that a woman should know, this truth will always help you in the long run in your relationship. A relationship that is built on a strong foundation stands a chance to stay longer. It is not that am saying that you must start that way, but it is better that way. I have seen so many couples now that actually started on a bad note but became a twin with time. The fact is there will be loopholes no matter how small. In fact, it will be easier for you to keep your man if you actually started well. Therefore, you should take absolute care of your foundation if you are still single. Peradventure you are in love with a man and you actually had a bad beginning, don't be discouraged it's not too late to hold him.

How to keep a man

      Men are like a puzzle that you might never get to solve, but they are actually simple if you know the right things to do to steal their heart away for every or lock it in a box with the key in your hands. I have done tons of research, the advice that I addressed here all came from professionals. These few advice are the best on how to keep a man. They are simple and clear, so let's go drink from the spring of knowledge.

1. You need to find out what is it that interest him.

      There is a need for you to know the kind of man you are dealing with. Men love it when you can say something about them that he never expected you to have noticed. So for a lady, it is a good idea to know some basic things about your man. These include staying deeply connected to him. These things happen almost all the time when you are with your man but am sure you don't ever get to notice. We ever a man talks about what interests him, you practically see him light up. Men actually love to talk about things that interest them if they are given the opportunity. As a woman, you need to create such a platform and watch him pour out his heart to you. 

2. Give some time to himself if you notice that he needs it

      Countless times, I have watched so many relationships gone into ruins just because of insecurity from one or both ends. I have seen a straight line relationship that took turns and became a spiral one, throwing all they have shared in the past away. What I was trying to illustrate when I used the word spiral in that context is a scenario that happens to a lady when she starts to feel like her man is pulling away from her. Everything changes at this point, the feeling of comfort, happiness, when they are close to each other reduces gently. What comes to the woman next is fear. In turn, this affects her words and actions because she is scared of losing him. The next thing that comes to her mind is to fight for her man, subconsciously doing things that she thinks will help pull him back. What the majority don't know is that these actions always have a negative effect. This actions will push a man away instead of bringing him

3. Try as much as possible to always put on the best version of yourself

    Just as the people of the world says, men are visual creatures that only fall for what they see. That is not totally correct, in fact, if you believe all those, then you are actually getting it all wrong. Because of all these funny quotes here and there, ladies now thinks men are only attracted to models with massive, attractive likes all those but they don't normally count on the long run. Women think that what a man looks at is her physical flaws but you are wrong because what he looks at is your physical attributes that are the best.

Put on the best version of yourself and remain comfortable. That is what actually keeps the man with you for a very long time.

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